Reuse Discovery Days

Our Green Week 2014 Reuse BLOG

The Reuse Discovery Days have come to an end: We repaired together, peeked behind the scenes of reuse centres, learned new things about how to maintain our home appliances and saw interesting documentaries about waste and resources! We thank all participants for their motivation and interest, and all organizers for the good work. However discovering reuse does not end here... more coming up soon!

RREUSE presents... the people behind the scenes STRIP 1 2 3 4 5 6
Who are the people of reuse? How and why do they work in the reuse centers of our members?

Radio making scratchy noises? No more french toast in the morning because the toaster gave up? RUSZ invited the frustrated owners of broken appliances over to help them with the repair - more on facebook #reusediscoverydays

Always wanted to know how to check and maintain your PC? How to install open source software? Ateliere Fara Frontiere invited technically interested students to a workshop on IT basics - more on facebook #reusediscoverydays

Whilst reuse centers across Europe  (Austria, Romania, Spain and France) give you a glimpse of reuse backstage, RREUSE will accompany the event with exclusive reuse stories here and on facebook. Each day reuse facts and reuse people will be introduced...