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22.01.2015 10:00 Age: 5 yrs

Questioning reasons for withdrawing Circular Economy Package

RREUSE co-signs new statement

Following today’s Public Hearing in the European Parliament on “The Waste Legislative Package”, it seems very likely that the Circular Economy Package will be finally withdrawn despite the fact that last week five out of seven EP political groups voted to maintain the package in the 2015 Commission Work Programme.

In response to the absence of a formal withdrawal, which is now expected in February, RREUSE has co-signed a statement where the fundamental reasons given by the Commission for withdrawing the proposal are questioned and counter-argued.  

Looking to the future, RREUSE is ready to work with the Commission to increase its level of ambition of a replacement proposal which has been promised to be tabled later this year. However, RREUSE would only consider “more ambition” if concrete policy support mechanisms for the development and implementation of preparation for re-use activities are proposed and if non-legislative aspects of the initial package, such as resource efficiency aspects of ecodesign, are introduced as legislative items in the new proposal.

Read the statement here