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16.12.2014 09:30 Age: 5 yrs

RREUSE reaction to withdrawal of Circular Economy Package

Withdrawn in place of more ambitious proposal?

Jean Claude Juncker’s withdrawal of the Circular Economy Package from the EU Commissions' Work Programme is difficult to comprehend given its potential to create 180,000 jobs, reduce Europe’s demand on imported raw materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 443 million tonnes between 2014 and 2030. 

This decision goes against widespread support from industry, civil society and trade unions to keep July’s proposals on the table and discussed according to established procedures. The package also had the support of 11 Member States, including Germany, Greece, France, Italy and Spain, and Members of the European Parliament, who also sent letters urging the Commission not to withdraw the proposal. This contradicts the argument used by Juncker’s Commission to withdraw the legislation for not having a “realistic chance of being adopted”.

Whilst Vice President Timmermans has confirmed that "more broad and ambitious" proposals will be made in 2015, RREUSE remains sceptical that these will indeed be over and above the ambition of what has already been on the table.  Halting discussions between the EU Parliament and EU Council on revising the Waste Framework, Landfill and Packaging Directives, in accordance with legal revision clauses, does not seem an effective and efficient strategy for creating significant employment opportunity in Europe. 

This having been said, RREUSE is ready to work with the Commission on these new proposals in order to hold Mr. Timmermans to his word.