< Re-use targets can create 300,000 new jobs in Europe!
02.07.2014 11:43 Age: 6 yrs

RREUSE reaction to publication of circular economy package

still a long way to go to untap significant job creation in the re-use sector

Press release

The circular economy package proposal – still a long way to go to untap significant job creation in the re-use sector

The Commission’s proposed amendments to the Waste Framework Directive includes a welcome increase to targets for recycling but fails to include separate targets for the preparation for re-use of goods, instead combining the two.  RREUSE, a network of reuse and recycling social enterprises across Europe, says that is a missed opportunity to create much-needed jobs and reduce unnecessary use of precious energy and raw materials.

Michal Len, Director of RREUSE said:

“Whilst higher recycling targets are a good thing combining them with preparation for re-use encourages recycling at the expense of re-use and in practice will not help implement the waste hierarchy. Giving a product or material a new lease of life through re-use and repair is contributes to resource efficiency and could create over 300,000 jobs in Europe. We urge member states and the new European Parliament to do what is necessary to reinforce re-use above recycling”

As well as separate targets, RREUSE is also urging policymakers to require member states to start reporting “preparation for reuse” rates independently from recycling.

The introduction of standalone re-use targets would help incentivise better data collection and will generate investments in infrastructure to meet those targets, such as helping ensure access for re-use centres to re-usable waste products and materials

For more information please see the RREUSE position on re-use targets

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