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08.05.2014 11:41 Age: 6 yrs

Reuse More and Bring Waste Full Circle

10 key steps towards resource efficient Europe and how to set reuse targets

With the European Clean-Up Day just around the corner RREUSE together with a group of environmental NGOs have issued a 10 point joint statement calling for real ambition in the current revision of EU waste policy.

With enormous amounts of re-usable products and materials entering the waste stream, one key step to achieving resource efficiency is to set separate targets for preparation for reuse, and support the development of approved re-use centres and networks. In doing so, it has been estimated in that at least 300,000 new jobs could be created in the re-use/preparation for re-use sector (EEB, 2014). So far preparation for re-use targets have been combined with recycling targets in EU waste policy which has neglected re-use activities in favour of recycling.

For more information on how and why such targets should be set see RREUSE’s position on re-use targets. In addition, RREUSE has put together a document on general characteristics of approved re-use centres and networks in order to help better inform policy makers about these actors and help improve the legal framework to support their development.