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RREUSE holds roundtable on product reparability

On 4/12/2013 RREUSE held a roundtable on product reparability and presented its recent investigation into the subject

With the need for resource and material efficiency increasingly gaining political attention, RREUSE held a roundtable to discuss the way in which extending a products lifespan through ease of repair would contribute. 

Stakeholders from Consumer and Environmental NGOs, the Manufacturing and Waste Management Industry and the European Commission were present to discuss the role that EU product policy has in addressing the repairability of energy related products, especially through Ecodesign implementing measures. 

Following an insight into the potentials and conditions for material and resource efficiency through product policy by the EEB, RREUSE presented its investigation and accompanying video (below) into increasing obstacles experienced by repair professionals from social enterprises when repairing domestic washing machines, dishwashers and fridges.


Ecodesign criteria for these product categories will occur next year and it is important that tackling non-energy related environmental impacts are addressed in this proces

This was followed by a presentation of an Austrian Standard for testing and promoting durable and easy to repair electronics by Sepp Eisenriegler (R.U.S.Z, member of the Repanet Network)

Some key outcomes of the discussion included:

- it would be welcome to have more information and evidence to identify how addressing hotspot issues affecting product reparability could potentially be incorporated within Ecodesign Implementing measures to contribute to material efficiency

- A clear and harmonised framework on how the upcoming review of Ecodesign implementing measures will be carried out would ensure opportunities to include non-energy related aspects will not be missed

- whilst product policy can address reparability, the importance of looking at other policy areas including waste and consumer rights is also necessary in order to improve the potential to repair our products easily

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