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02.07.2013 00:00 Age: 6 yrs

New Feasability study on bulky waste reuse in Ireland

New study on bulky waste reuse in Ireland focuses on how to give new life to reusable products that find their way into the waste stream and promote social value of the sector

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A new study has been published, examining the current situation of bulky waste management practices in Ireland in order to assess how to increase diversion of reusable items from the waste stream to networks of reuse centres in Ireland. 

The role of the social economy is very present in the study with RREUSE members Community Reuse Network Ireland and Rehab Recycle all given mention.

The study estimates that £48million / €60million in potential sales of reusable bulky waste items could be realised through the implementation of an all island approach to the management of bulky waste. In addition there is other direct and indirect value to be gained through employment and social employment, and community and environment benefits.

This study also provides an excellent insight to obstacles which affect reuse rates in Europe, in particular access to the waste stream for reuse centres in order to sort out potentially reusable items. This study is also very timely in view of the revision of the waste directives in 2014.

Read the full study here

This study was commissioned and managed by rx3, the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government programme to develop markets for recyclable materials in Ireland.