< RREUSE submits position on reduced VAT rates and the waste hierarchy
07.01.2013 00:00 Age: 7 yrs

RREUSE position on differentiated VAT rates and the waste hierarchy

RREUSE responds to Commission consultation on how differentiated VAT rates can help implement the waste hierarchy

On 4th January, RREUSE responded to the Commissions consultation on the Review of existing legislation on VAT reduced rates. RREUSE believes that in order to help implement the waste hierarchy at national level, VAT rates should be staggered according to method of treatment. In particular RREUSE makes the case for removing VAT on reuse and preparation for reuse activities in comparison to recycling, waste recovery and landfilling. 

High repair costs are one of the main reasons fuelling Europe's throwaway culture. Reducing VAT for activities at the top of the waste hierarchy would help address this issue.

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