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11.06.2013 00:00 Age: 6 yrs

RREUSE co-signs letter against EU Council's amendment in Public Procurement reforms


RREUSE welcomed the proposal on a new public procurement directive, by the Commission, on the possibility of having reserved contracts in tendering procedures to organisations whose main aim is the social and professional integration of persons with disabilities but also disadvantaged persons (article 17). This is an excellent step in helping improve the social value of the directive through supporting entities such as Work Integration Social Enterprises, which are primarily the types of organisations RREUSE represents.

However, RREUSE has co-signed an open letter together 10 other Civil Society organisations, addressed to the EU Commission, EU Parliament and EU Council, against the European Council's proposal to amend this article which would potentially allow public sector spin-outs to potentially have the same treatment as social enterprises.

Read the letter here