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26.11.2012 05:54 Age: 7 yrs

Reuse More Throw Less Campaign saves 1 257 Tonnes of resources!

The reuse more throw less campaign (formerly known as the award winning Waste Watchers Campaign), involving RREUSE members from Belgium, France and Spain, was a great success this week. In total, over a period of one week, the reuse centres and second hand shops saved over 1200 tonnes of materials through collection and sales!! 

The principle of the campaign: an object collected, repaired and reused is a resource saved! This is the Reuse more, Throw less campaign.

Reuse centers/shops in 3 European countries belonging to the network RREUSE weigh the items they sell.

These items sold by the Reuse more, Throw less campaign participants are from the collection of bulky waste by social enterprises. These reuse centres - Ressourceries, Recyclers, Envie - repair and repackage the items they collect.

Thinking about giving what you no longer use and choosing a good second-hand, do your bit for the environment and the development of social economy!