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15.09.2011 20:00 Age: 8 yrs
Category: News from the Network
By: Michal

RREUSE Welcomes Tramel Oy to the network!

Tramel Ltd is a social enterprise according the Finnish law of social enterprises. It has six (6) different plants for recycling and reuse of electric and electronic goods. At the moment it offers work for 40 employees + rehabilitation work for about 40 other people.

Tramel is building up a nation wide network of collection, reusing and recycling of electric and electronic goods. Also the aim of the network is to create social economy in fields of reuse of different recycled and waste materials. In this network Tramel has at the moment four (4) other social enterprises as associate members.

This Tramel network is already providing nation wide recycling and reuse services everywhere in Finland.