RREUSE submits position new position on End of Waste Criteria for Biowaste

The EU Commission is currently creating quality assurance criteria for compost and digestate (So called end of waste criteria). We are worried that the costs will be detrimental to small scale community composting[more]


RREUSE position on differentiated VAT rates and the waste hierarchy

RREUSE responds to Commission consultation on how differentiated VAT rates can help implement the waste hierarchy[more]


RREUSE submits position on reduced VAT rates and the waste hierarchy

On 4th January, RREUSE submitted its views on how and why VAT rates in the EU should be staggered in order to better implement the waste hierarchy. It was in response to a Commission's Review of existing legislation on VAT...[more]


Reuse More Throw Less Campaign saves 1 257 Tonnes of resources!

The reuse more throw less campaign (formerly known as the award winning Waste Watchers Campaign), involving RREUSE members from Belgium, France and Spain, was a great success this week. In total, over a period of one week, the...[more]


RREUSE to co-host event during European Waste and Resource Days

Want to know more about reuse and preparation for reuse? Join us on 8/11/2012 in Committee of the Regions!![more]

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RREUSE contributes to EC work on Ecodesign

Take a look at RREUSE's position on reusability/durability of products[more]


RREUSE is now on Facebook!

Follow RREUSE on facebook to see more news, pictures and media from our network and beyond! [more]

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