Leonardo Recycle Set Project


« To promote and reinforce the contribution of vocational training to the process of innovation »

Research has demonstrated the need to improve managerial capacity and know-how through training, qualifications and other capacity building measures within the social economy enterprises. RREUSE members have expressed their strong willingness to share knowledge on training material and instruments and to invest resources for the realisation of new coherent training tools drawing on the experience of professionals of the sector.

The Recycle-SET project focuses facilitating adaptability, encouraging entrepreneurial approaches and enabling sustainability in recycling social enterprises through the development of three specific modular training programmes that focuses on developing competencies for managers of social enterprises. The three training subjects are:


re-use, treatment, sale and recycling of electric and electronic equipments ,


collection, re-use, sale and recycling of clothing,

Social aspects

and internal aspects to development

The training programme modules produce e-learning course containing strategies, guidelines, evaluation tools, and information to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of the three packages during and after the pilot phase.

A dedicated website will serve to continuously support trainers and target organisations throughout the project duration and afterwards. ITC systems for distance learning will support the beneficiaries. Delivery mechanisms will change depending on the most effective approach. The project will use case studies of best practices, exchange of experiences, interactive learning forums, training forums, peer review and exchanges.