Leonardo Project

QualiProSecondHand Project's Aim

QualiProSecondHand is a two-part project that brings together partners from seven European countries. Its aim is to fully investigate the Second Hand sector with the support of vocational educational research instruments by way of detailed sector analysis, case studies and expert workshops.

The main focus of the first stage (2006-2008) was to analyse the specific requirements of people engaged in the sector. The second stage (2009-2011) focuses on the identification of parameters to promote the professionalisation of the sector, best practice solutions and the analysis of existing network and operating structures.

Funded by the European Commission, these two programmes will form the basis for a European qualification profile. With the development of qualification concepts, the professionalisation of the sector will be promoted and its quality improved.

2009-2011 "Quali Pro Second Hand"

Leonardo Da Vinci II Programme: A European Project on the Professionalisation of the second Hand Sector.